Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made It!

I told you I'd be back for Monday Made It!  It's my first one!  I'm so excited!  I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics - come join the fun!  

Over the years, I have collected a TON of direction manuals.  Between my wedding (Kitchen Aid stand mixer, blenders, coffee makers, etc) and my baby (swings, bouncy seats, cribs, etc) we have A LOT of books of directions.  Seriously.  I never kept them in a safe place, and I rarely needed them... but when I needed them, I REALLY needed them!  A silly example: we made grilled cheese on our panini press.  The plates were all greasy and I just couldn't get them clean.  I wanted to put them in the dishwasher... but didn't know if I could.  So I came up with this simple solution... a binder to hold everything.  I love binders.

Materials Needed
3 inch binder
page protectors
tabbed dividers
direction manuals

 I have 2 tabs - one for house manuals, and one for baby manuals.  On the front cover of each manual I write important information (AA batteries, dishwasher is ok, etc) so I don't have to go through the manual for a quick question.  But it's been invaluable to have everything in the same place and all organized.  I keep warranty information, receipts, and other little papers in the divider pages so I can get to them easily.

As you can see... I'm running out of room! I also need to make a cute cover, but since we just moved, my printer isn't hooked up yet. I'll get to it.  I love organizing things, and I love this binder... I know my pictures aren't great, but hopefully you get the idea!
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  1. We store all of our manuals in a kitchen drawer, but it is so frustrating to search through the full drawer to find a manual when we need it. I think your binder idea is great!
    The Traveling Teacher