Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Moving Post... I Promise!

My entire summer has been ruled by our big move.  I'm SO happy that we're in a new home, but also glad that the move is done with!  Moving day was crazy, with all the last minute packing and organizing.  As usual, the last hour before the movers came was spent throwing random stuff into random boxes, that we'll eventually go through later and say "why do we have this?".  Then the movers came, and we were out of the house in less than 2 hours.  So it seems all my extra trips to the new place paid off!

We hired Stairhoppers, and for anyone in the Boston area looking to move, they're a great, affordable moving company.  We've used them several times (I like to move...) and have never had a problem.  They are fast, efficient, and give a discount if you pay in cash!  That is almost incentive enough for me!  They wrapped all the furniture in blankets, and then hauled it out.  Everything made it in one piece, and without a scratch!  They even moved our dressers, FULL OF CLOTHES.  It was amazing, and took quite a bit off of our unpacking list.

Once we arrived at our new home they were again done in less than 2 hours.  And that included taking about 1/2 of our things up to the very hot attic.  I can't say enough great things about Stairhoppers.  :)

Between directing them where to take things, I was also trying to unpack around them.  Even still, after they left, we were left with this... and this shot doesn't even show the bedrooms!  

Because we're gluttons for punishment, (and also because it's a major incentive), we'd invited both our families over for pizza and drinks that night.  So we REALLY had to move fast.  And I'd say, in just a few hours, things looked completely different.  Everything was put away... granted some things were jammed into closets, but we'll get to those eventually...

My favorite part of moving comes after the major unpacking - when I get to reorganize, decorate and shop for new things!  I try not to go crazy, but I always end up with new kitchen decor (rugs, utensil holders, etc) and definitely new curtains and bathroom things.  My poor husband must hate moving JUST because of all the shopping I do afterwards!  We also got a new bed, which is KING sized.  I've never had a king sized bed before, and we've only had it 4 nights... but let me tell you, I will NEVER sleep in a smaller bed again... well, never in my own home.  It's amazing.  My husband keeps joking that he needs a cell phone to call me from the other side.  The extra space is just glorious, especially with a little one who's always in and out.  Anyway, the new bed purchase has added new bedding to my shopping list.  I'm having a very hard time finding what I'm looking for.  I want something grey and white, so that I can add accents of color.  Right now we have a pretty, soft duvet of greens and blues, which is calming... but queen sized.  Plus I'm a little over it.  If I'm going to buy something new, I want a new look as well!  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be forever grateful... I've looked at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond... I might head to TJ Maxx later today.

I keep standing around the house smiling like a fool.  I'm just so thrilled with how it's all turned out - and am SO GLAD to be so close to school.  I can't tell you how that will change my days.  We get out of school at 3:30 and between picking up my guy and commuting, I was home around 5:15.  This year... I can do all that and still be home before 4:00.  Everything will just be so much easier... even our milk man agrees!  He rerouted our delivery, and was here ON MOVING DAY to deliver our order.  

So that's what I've been up to the last few days.  My FitBit has been loving me... I haven't taken a single walk, but have completely surpassed my daily goal every day, just with the unpacking!  Well, that and chasing my 1 year old around.  :)  I'm off to do some more organizing and decorating... thank goodness for rainy, thunderstormy days!
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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I commuted for two years. Now I live six miles from school, and I love it. I know you will too! Also, I bought the same carpet for my kitchen and wanted to get another one, but I couldn't remember where it was from. I was so excited that you included Target in your post. Now I know! Ours has held up very well under two dogs and with frequent vacuuming!
    All the Best,
    First Grade Top Dogs