Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baseball Season is Here!

I know this is completely off topic - but I'm just so happy that baseball season is back!  I'm sitting here, watching my beloved Red Sox play their second game of the season. The beginning of the season is always really fun for me - I love having the game on in the background while I do school work or while we have dinner... I love hearing the announcers talking, even if I'm not really watching or listening!  Just the noise in the background makes me feel summery.  Baseball starting is a true sign of summer coming!

I stumbled upon Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Linky party.  Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing, I hope I'm doing this right.  I'm going to attach my Currently below.  (If you happen to be reading this, and notice that I've done something wrong - please let me know!  I'd hate to step on any toes or offend anyone!) 

I think I covered what I'm listening to above... as well as what I'm loving!  It was in the 50s when I got home from school today, and anyone who lives in the Boston area will agree with me - 50 degrees is DEFINITELY go outside weather!  I think this year was especially difficult for me in terms of the weather.  Not only was it cold, snowy, windy, etc... but it wasn't just me that I had to get ready to go outside each day.  Now I have this little 1 year old guy to take care of too... and he HATES his winter coat and hat.  So I'd dress him, then dress myself, then dress him again (at least 2 more times!) before we'd leave the house.  So I started dreading going outside more than usual this winter... my husband is such a great help when it comes to getting ready to go out, unfortunately, we don't go everywhere together, so I often was battling the winter coat/hat situation by myself.

I work a LONG school day, but we're rewarded with an early end to the year.  We don't start again until September, so we get a pretty nice summer vacation.  By the time it comes though, we've earned it!  As well all have, no matter what our hours are or when we get out.

I hope to be back later in the week with a couple new things I'm working on.  We're in the middle of FRACTIONS right now in math - I've been using Step Into Second Grade's Fraction Fanatic! Unit.  My class LOVES it.  Since I have such great resources for my fractions unit, I'm looking ahead to the end of the year, and trying to see what I can come up with.  My newest projects are for our multiplication unit... coming soon I hope!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. Welcome to the Link-up!
    That does sound like such a nice long summer vacation. I'm excited for baseball season too! It lets me know that summer is so close.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'd love to check your blog out. What's your address?