Monday, April 7, 2014

New Unit

It's Monday... I don't know how it snuck up on me so quickly, but here it is!  Mondays at school are always hectic for me.  Not only do we have all our "regular" work to get through (reading, writing, math, social studies, etc...) but we also have to add in all the things we need to do to "set up" for the week.  We have to hand out all the homework papers, introduce the spelling words for the week, and get the kids all organized for the week.  Mondays already feel SO LONG but I laugh sometimes thinking that I actually need more time!

Over the weekend I worked on my newest project: a multiplication unit.  In the beginning of May we hit on multiplication, and I haven't been crazy about my materials the last couple of years.  I do use a math curriculum, but I have lots of freedom to fit in other ways of teaching/learning.  Over the years I've been using the curriculum, I've gone from following it exactly as it's laid out for us, to relying on it more as extra or supplemental.  I use a lot of my own materials, as well as some excellent resources that I've found on TpT.  This year I'm really focusing on cleaning up my files and getting all my materials together into one place.  So this weekend, I collected all my multiplication materials and put them together into a packet.  You can check it out here - we won't be using it for a few weeks, but I'm glad I have it ready to go.  Now all I'll have to do is copy it all off and we'll be good to go!

How do you all incorporate your math curriculum with your own ideas (or fellow TpTers ideas?)  Do you have to follow a curriculum exactly, or can you add and subtract as you see fit?

If you're interested and want to take a peek at my Multiplication Party Unit, you can find it here!

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