Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh My Dropbox!

Oh my word!  I had a rough night last night.  And not because I have a 1 year old who sleeps when and where he wants to sleep – which usually isn’t through the night!  It was rough because I made a huge mistake with one of my new products! 

I spent the last few nights working on a new Scoot bundle.  I put my multiplication and my adjectives scoot games together with 3 new ones I created (a spelling, a social studies, and a money one).  I was super excited about this because it’s such a versatile bundle.  You can use each game individually with your class (up to 30 kids can play at a time!) and once you’ve played all 5 the “normal” way – you can mix and match pages from each game and create a bunch of new games – ones that will get your kiddos’ brains really hopping around – from math, to spelling, to grammar, to social studies, and back again.  So I was really excited about it.

I uploaded the finished product to TpT.  Then I remembered that somewhere I heard read that teachers are more inclined to buy something if there’s a preview attached.  So, I went back into my original file and created a preview file.  Instead of copying and pasting the preview pages into a new document however, I just deleted 40 slides from the original product.  But then, I accidentally hit SAVE instead of save AS!  So all my hard work… all 40 deleted slides… all 3 of my new games – were gone.  And no amount of googling “how to unsave a document on power point” helped me figure it out.  This happened around 7:00 last night – and for the rest of the night, I had such a pit in my stomach.  What if I found a typo in the unit someday (I always worry about that, no matter how many times I check it!)?  What if I wanted to separate out the games into smaller files?  What if I just needed the original again???  

But THEN!  I remembered that I save my files on dropbox so that I can access them from both my laptop and my desktop.  So I quickly scurried over to my desktop and tried to open the file before it “synched”.  But that’s not possible – it wouldn’t let me open it until it had synched.  I thought for sure my file was lost forever. This morning I woke up and was still upset about it.  So I tried googling one more time – this time I looked for “how to revert files on dropbox”.  And OHMYGOSH – there is a way to do it!  In about 2 minutes I had followed the steps and RECOVERED my file!  I cannot tell you what a happy moment that was.  I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling all day.  All those late hours of work… SAVED!

So, the moral to my story – save on dropbox.  And if you do, nothing is ever gone for good (unless it’s been more than 30 days I guess… the history apparently clears after that).  :)

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