Monday, April 21, 2014


Today is a day off from school for us - it's marathon day in the city!  I've gone into Boston for the marathon for as many years as I can remember, and when I moved to the city, I was lucky enough to live right on the route for a bunch of years. If you've never experienced the atmosphere for yourself, I can't really paint a vivid enough picture - I STRONGLY encourage you to come witness it yourself once.

Last year's marathon bombings were one of the scariest days I've ever had.  And the subsequent man hunt...  I was on maternity leave and spent the week watching coverage - I couldn't fathom why anyone would do something so horrible.  The manhunt was horrifying and scary - and the way the city shut down completely to hunt the guy out was remarkable.  As tragic and unimaginable as it all was, I am so proud to be from Boston - a place where we don't let someone "dictate our freedom" (as Big Papi said).  The first responders, medical teams, and victims have shown themselves to be such an inspiration.

Not that I expect ANY of the first responders, or victims will ever see this little blog - but I thank them all so much for protecting us, and showing us how big their brave is.

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