Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hi!  It’s SUMMER!  Or practically.  My little ones were dismissed for vacation yesterday, and I have a few days left of meetings and packing to do – but really, without kids… I feel like I’m on vacation already!

I’ve been blogging about my FitBit a bunch lately, and now that it’s summer, I’m really going to focus on trying to stay healthy and active.  I’ve never been a runner (always wanted to be, but just am not) and thinking about going to the gym makes me want to cry… so this winter I decided to start out just with walking.  I know I’ve said it before, but I found that I do almost 10,000 steps a day without really trying at school – so I made my daily goal higher.  I’ve decided, now that it’s summer, to set it at 15,000 a day.  So far I’ve been pretty motivated – but it’s only been ONE day!  I do like how the FitBit can connect with other users, and sends me an email of who’s in the lead.  Looking at that list DEFINITLEY encourages me to #StepItUp!  Last night I got home and had only done 8,000 steps… so after putting my little guy to sleep (which took over an hour and is a WHOLE other story) I put on my sneakers and hit the road.  By the time it got dark out, I’d only hit 13,000 steps – but that’s better than nothing!

This spring a bunch of my friends were doing the #100happydays thing on facebook.  The school year is so busy, I knew I couldn’t keep up.  BUT, we have about 100 days of summer vacation, so the other day I started my #100happydays thinking I’d be able to focus better.  Yesterdays #100happydays was being able to take a walk by myself!  J

I’m going to keep track of my activities with #StepItUp to try to challenge myself every day!  If you’re interested in joining me, follow my Instagram button above to hop over to Instagram, follow me, and use #StepItUp!  We can motivate each other!
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