Friday, June 13, 2014

Money Saving Friday? Is that a thing?

I’ve been teaching for 10 years and, until last year, I always worked full time in the summer.  Last year, with a 4 month old, we decided I wouldn’t work.  And I had an incredible summer, but to be honest – I had a 4 month old! A 4 month old doesn’t really do much…  and because he couldn’t walk or crawl anywhere, he was very portable.  I took him everywhere.  The beach, the pool, the mall, out to eat… but THIS summer, I have a 1.5 year old.  Things are a bit different now!  We don’t go as many places because he’s so active – going to the beach or pool is no longer a “sit and get a tan while the baby sleeps in the shade” event.  It’s a “chase my baby around and make sure he doesn’t fall in the water” event.   But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I’m so blessed to have this time with him.  Over the next 3 months, I'm sure we'll perfect our beach and pool routine.  :)

As I said in my bucket list, I’m the teacher who tries not to think about school during vacation, but does anyway.  I can’t help it.  I like planning, organizing, and creating.  While my little guy will be a fun, and welcome distraction, I know I’ll also spend time thinking about school.  As my husband would gladly tell you- when I’m thinking about school, I usually, inevitably, end up spending money.  Fabric, borders, construction paper, glue sticks, scissors, BOOKS, materials for Pinterest projects I see... you know the list goes on and on.  I try to be good at looking at sales and being smart about what I spend, but it’s inevitable that I’ll buy a bunch of things.  Being a teacher can be expensive!

This summer though, I have a plan to both get what I need, and make my husband happy.  Last year, I saw an ad for this secret shopper app called Mobee.  I dismissed it a bunch of times, and might have even marked it as spam at one point.  But then I got curious and looked it up – turns out it’s legit and pretty easy to work.  If you’re not familiar with it, you should check it out. 

It’s pretty easy to use – while doing normal things (getting coffee at Dunkins or Starbucks, ordering pizza, shopping at CVS or Target), you answer a few questions and take a couple pictures to earn points.  After you earn enough points, you cash them in for gift cards to places like Amazon and Target – and here’s why I’m blogging about this – I was such a smarty-pants this spring, and cashed in for a bunch of Target gift cards, that I’m saving for this summer.  That way, I can buy what I need/want for my classroom, and when my husband asks about it, I can tell him that it was free.  Because it was!  I've hooked my entire family on the app, and now we're all competitive with each other about who can earn points fastest.  Between our #FitBit competitions and our #Mobee competitions, our families get quite competitive!  J

What do you do to help keep school costs down? 

I won’t spam my own blog up with ads, but if you end up downloading Mobee, I can give you a code that gets us both bonus points…  :)  
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