Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Bucket List!!

I’m linking up with Deanna Jump for her summer bucket list Linky Party!  Here they are, in no particular order!

10.  MOVE
We’ve been talking about moving for a while now, and are finally getting a “move” on this summer!  For a bunch of reasons, it makes sense for us to relocate closer to where we work – which means less time in the car for my little cutie and also a MUCH shorter commute for his momma and daddy.  All that makes for more fun family time together! 

9. Spend time NOT thinking about school
This winter I started up my TpT store and this little blog.  And I’ve found myself quite obsessed with it!  The things I’m doing in my classroom, which have always worked just fine, are now potential projects – things I can make better for both my little ones and for others too!  But this summer, I’d really like to take time to just relax… while still blogging and creating a little, I’d like to have just “sit and do nothing with my 1 year old” time. 

8. Blog
I would like to keep up with my blogging, mixing in some school stuff (when I allow myself to think about school!) and some personal stuff.  My favorite bloggers are ones that mix the two – I love getting to know the person behind the teacher!  (Side note: I’m working with Courtney at Blogs Fit for a Queen on a new blog design – and it’s going to be AMAZING!  She’s so great to work with, so reasonably priced, and really fast… I HIGHLY recommend her.  I’ll keep you all posted when it’s “live”!)

7. Have some date nights
I love my little boy and all the time we get to have together – but I miss date nights with my husband!  We’re both so busy all year, and we want to spend as much time with the baby as possible – so this summer, we’re going to make time for just the two of us.  Starting with our FIRST EVER over night away in June.  I’m both THRILLED and sad at the same time.

6. Travel
We do a lot of traveling in the summer, so this feels a little like cheating.  But I’m putting it here because it really is a plan that’s important to me – travel as much as we can. 

I bought a FitBit this winter, and have been wearing it every day to count my steps.  I do a LOT of walking during my day at school, so as it turns out, I was already logging 10,000 steps without even trying.  So my goal for the summer is to keep it up – and maybe even increase my daily total to 15,000.  I like to lounge by the pool or at the beach all summer, so if I don’t make walking a goal, I’ll quickly find my daily totals slipping to a big fat zero!

Yes I’m repeating this.  I know I am.  But it’s such a HUGE one for me… and will be interesting and tricky with my little guy running underfoot!

3. Read
I love to read.  Name me one teacher who doesn’t?  But I never ever have time to read for fun during the school year.  This summer, while hanging out at the beach or pool, I want to read NON school related books.  On my Nook, or Kindle, or paper/hardbacks – I don’t care, as long as I’m reading!

2. Keep my boy busy…
so he’ll sleep at night!  He’s a great sleeper usually, but since he won’t be at day care (where he’s constantly engaged and active) it would be easy to slip into a boring day to day routine.  So I want to make sure he’s got something going on every day (even if it’s just going to the beach or the pool) so he’s engaged and still learning!

1. Spend quality time with my family…
without our iphones, ipads, laptops, televisions, etc.  We do spend a lot of time together, but I want to make it a priority that we’re “unplugged” as often as possible so we’re really spending time together.  Except when I’m blogging… J

I’ll be posting pictures of my bucket list on Instagram – so hop over there and follow me! 
What will you be doing this summer?

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  1. I love your summer wants! There are many that are similar to mine, and one I just did - MOVE! We're just now getting settled in our house and it feels *so* good. :)


  2. I'm so glad for you that your move is almost over! I'm dreading mine... not moving nearly as far as you, but it's still so stressful! Yikes!