Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ramona Quimby

We’re wrapping up our Ramona unit today.  My kiddos have so loved getting to know her, and especially loved the chapter when Ramona smashed an egg on her forehead – especially because they’ve JUST done a fun egg experiment in science where they balanced text books on top of eggs to see how much weight they could hold before smashing (their record – 31 books!)  Anyway, they’ve been loving Ramona so much, I hate to see her end.  We’ll spend the next few ELA periods working on our R is for Ramona book.  I love to see their little brains hard at work coming up with the words for each page – I love seeing how some of the more obvious letters (H is for Howie) get used for things I’d never thought of instead!

I’m posting this little book in my TpT store as a more general layout.  If you download it (thanks in advance!) it’s easy to copy front to back and cut in half before putting together.  You can also copy it front to back and staple it as a packet – or copy it single sided, cut in half and then put together with a hole punch – 26 pages is too much for at least my little stapler!

On the cover I have them draw their own cover of the book they’ve read.  That way we don’t infringe on any clipart or copyright laws!  I left each page blank for the kiddos to fill out both the letter and the sentence, and I’m including both R is for Ramona and a blank title page – so you can use it for ANY book your kids have read! 

Told you they were obsessed with the egg part!

I just posted the book this evening.  Check it out in my store if you're interested!  It's a nice way to keep the kiddos focused on learning while also waiting out the last few days of school... :)  We have NINE more!

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