Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Can I Have a Band Aid?"

Does anyone else hear this question 23094820395823904 times a day?  My students, no matter what their injury is, always ask for a band aid.  Now I totally understand the need for a comfort item, and also understand that for some kids it’s just an emotional attachment – but by 2nd grade, I’m trying to teach them that Band Aids don’t “fix” everything.  We try to address the actual problem and “solve it” with actual helpful solutions – ice packs, refreshing drinks of water, cold wet compresses, etc.  So today, after the 5th Band aid request, I took it as an opportunity for a mini lesson… I whipped up this small little sign and we brainstormed reasons you might actually need a Band Aid (my favorite – “it’s a BLOOD catcher!”) and reasons you might not.  Then we talked about the PURPOSE of a Band Aid…

Now this handy little sign is posted on my desk with my bucket of Band Aids… here’s to hoping it helps!  How do you all manage injuries and Band Aids?  I'm always looking for new ideas!

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  1. I love this idea!!! So cute... and I get so tired of hearing kids ask me for a band-aid. It does crack me up when they are pointing to a spot where you can't even see anything, but yet they are certain they need a band aid, or they'll die. Too funny! :)

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