Monday, March 17, 2014

Continents Reports

I'm on spring break this week!  My little family and I are taking off for warm beaches and sunny skies, which is MUCH needed after this lousy, cold winter!  Before we go I'm trying to get this blog going, which for me means clicking through all the options and trying to figure out what they all mean.  I hope you'll bear with me as I figure it out!  I checked out my "preview" this morning... and MAN my blog is BORING!  But I promise I'm working on it.

Before break we were working on continent research reports.  Over break I'm going to fine tune this project and we will get at it once school starts again!  Here's a little preview of what we'll be doing.

I put these together using a 12 X 24 piece of construction paper.  I played around with a bunch of layouts - I tried brochure style, accordion style, and eventually ended up with just folding it like a book.  My students have LOVED reading the continents books and I know they'll be excited to be working on this final project!

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Hart

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