Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Little Update...

Well, spring break is ending.  We've had such a wonderful time off!  My little family took a fabulous trip - OUT of the cold weather and into the WARM!  We got some much needed Vitamin D, some fun pool and beach time, and spent a lot of time relaxing.  Now if it would just warm up a bit at here, I'll be a happy girl!

I spent some time today updating my Cinderella unit.  It was the first unit I created when started on TpT.  I've only been creating for a month or so, but I've learned so much already that I thought it was a good idea to fix it up.  After all, my first two sales were of that unit, so I thought I owed it to them to make it as good as it could be!

Things I've learned while updating... 
1.  Creating things on PowerPoint is MUCH easier than on Word
2.  Transferring projects from Word to PowerPoint is MUCH easier said than done.
3.  What was supposed to be a quick fix, ended up taking me all day!  

But in the end, I think the product is even better than I'd hoped!  I added 20 new pages of activities and am really proud of how it turned out!  Check it out if you have a minute!

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