Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently!

It's that time again!  I'm so surprised that it's August already - I just don't know how that happened!

Listening: to the baby monitor.  My little guy was so tired tonight, he ASKED to go to bed!  So now I'm listening to the white noise of the monitor in the background.

Loving: fresh blueberry donuts - we went blueberry picking today and OF COURSE had to pick up 6 blueberry donuts to take home... which we then ate before leaving, so we had to buy 6 more.  :)

Thinking: I can't believe summer went so quickly - no explanation needed here.

Wanting: new printer ink!  I have all these great things in my TpT cart that I want to buy, but until I have new ink, I'm afraid to... If I can't print them immediately, I worry I'll forget about them.

Needing: ice  for my back.  I'm still in a lot of pain, despite my chiropractor visits!

1st Day: September 4th.  I go back a few days before then, but I can't remember the date... and I don't really count it because it's very casual and I always enjoy those first few days seeing all my friends!  

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  1. I found your blog in Farley's Currently August linky. Wow! Going back to school after Labor Day, what's that like? We go back the week before (with students, professionals go an additional week earlier). I kind of love it because I get Labor Day weekend to rest up before we REALLY get going. :-)

    Psyched to be in 2nd!

  2. Do your schools in the USA not let you print? In Aus we do in color, I guess we are lucky
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. Hi Sarah! Baby monitors have come such a long way! When I had one with a baby (29 years ago) it was only able to relay sound. Now, you can get a little TV screen! As for your ink- I have a Canon 9000 photo ready printer and the ink is about $10 a cartridge, The silly thing has 8 cartridges. I found a source at Amazon that gets one of each cartridge and 2 blacks for a total of $20! I may be taking a hit on the color quality, but the cost of the ink makes that alright! Starting back to school tomorrow!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. I love donuts too! Just buy the cute products and store on your desktop. Can't miss a good sale!!! :)
    Ramona Recommends

  5. Hi Sarah! New blogger here and found your blog through Farley. I TOTALLY get you about your colored ink. I just transferred to a new district and school, so I don't have a copy code yet. I have been printing everything I bought for TpT for class centers, decorations, etc... with my personal printer at home. I went through 3 colored ink cartridges already ;( OH...and I tried the refurbished inks from Amazon...make sure you read reviews because there are some out there (from personal experience) that you use it 3x and the ink is out already. Do you have a Costco? If so, you can take your empty cartridges and they refill it for $9.99. But you have to do it as soon as the cartridge empties or they will tell you that "it's not in good condition". Good luck printing everything! A LoveLi Class